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What is Ladyfest? 什么是 Ladyfest?

Fei Xu LadyfestShanghai2017-08-25

Ladyfest Background & History


Beside a place to see kick-ass girl bands, it is a community-based and collectively produced festival designed by and for women to showcase, celebrate and encourage the artistic,community and political work and talents of women. 

除了是个看劲爆女生乐队的好去处,“Ladyfest” 还是一个以“本地社区”为原点,由女性群体携手举办的,为鼓励女性向外界展示其在艺术、社团及政治领域的成就及天赋而设计的庆典。

2000 August

The first Ladyfest was independently held in Olympia Washington in August 2000 by a collective of 55 female volunteers. This 4-days festival attracted an audience of 2,000, and raised $30,000 for a local rape crisis charity. Ladyfest have since kick-started a worldwide trend.

历史上的第一次Ladyfest在2000年8月份,由55名女性志愿者自发组织,于华盛顿奥林匹亚举行。这个为期4天的狂欢节吸引了2000名来访者,并向一个与“性侵危机”相关的本地慈善机构送出了超过三万美元的捐款。自此,“Ladyfest” 开启了一股全球化的潮流。

Ladyfest is an annual event featuring performance by bands, spoken-word artists, authors, visual artists and more! It contains fashion shows, dance parties, roller-derby, workshops on topics from basic auto mechanics to coaching to mandala drawing, short films, panels on positive body image, sexual health and gender socialization in schools, dance parties, and heavy metal karaoke.

“Ladyfest” 是由乐队,口语诗朗诵者、作家、视觉演员、等等艺术家们共同客串创作完成的。活动可以包括时装秀、舞会、旱地滑轮项目、涉及从汽车基础机械,人生教练,曼荼罗绘制,到短片制作等多种主题的工作坊 、以及针对发生在学校、舞会甚至是重金属卡拉OK中如何塑造积极身体形象,性健康及性别角色社会化相关的讨论小组。


Ladyfest is a part of the punk-rock tradition. The event is an independent, grassroots movement that rejects corporate labels or funding and refuses to speak and act in line with the main stream commerce. It sets itself as an example telling the world that the institutionalized barriers to women’s equal participation in all spheres of society has no longer exist, and women’s choices of careers, hobbies, interests etc. must be made freely and not shaped and limited by sexism, racism and their class position. 

以反叛女孩为前身,“Ladyfest”无疑是朋克摇滚传统的一部分。这是一个独立的草根活动,拒绝所有企业标识或赞助商,不以任何主流商业的姿势发表言论和做出决定。”Ladyfest” 以活动本身作为例子,向世界宣告 “过去阻碍女性平等参与到社会中所有活动中去的制度已不复存在,女性在职业生涯、兴趣爱好以及其他事项上的抉择,应由自己独立作出,而不要被性别歧视、种族歧视和社会地位的枷锁所塑造和限制。”

Ladyfest aims to foster a culture of “do-it-yourself” (DIY). Participants are encouraged to learn from their personal experience and participation in the festival and apply these lessons in their day to day life, promoting gender equality and living the values of equality whereby people receive support necessary for achieving their full potential. 

“Ladyfest” 倡导“自主创造”的文化,鼓励活动来访者能够从所参加的活动中获得灵感和体验,并将其所学应用到他们的日常生活中:宣扬性别平等,并活出平等自由的信条,实现最大的个人价值。

Each Ladyfest, depending where in the world it is held, is different and heavily influenced by the local language, culture and contributors. All Ladyfests, however, are based on decentralization of power allowing for equity of participation. Ladyfest is not an organization and here are no leaders. All women involved in the event form a community and are encouraged to take initiative. If there is something you are passionate about and you don’t have access to it, make it happen! Don’t wait! Do It Yourself! 


Ladyfest was by women, but it was never meant to be an exclusive female space. It is open to ladies and gents for all ages, regardless of their biological sex,sexual orientation, race, heritage, political stance, music taste or cup size.The event calls upon the local community to join in supporting freedom ofself-expression through a wide diversity of skills and to create an openenvironment which fosters mutual inspiration, exchange of experiences and visionsof femininity and gender equity. 

“Ladyfest” 是一个由女性组织及设计的活动,然而从来不局限于女性参与。“Ladyfest” 向所有年龄阶段的女性和男性开放,无关性别、性取向、种族、遗传、政治立场、音乐品味或是罩杯大小。活动呼吁当地群众的响应和参与,通过向各界展现多样的技艺以宣扬自我表达的自由,并创建了一个开放的环境以焕发灵感的互换、促进经验的交流、开拓女权主义及性别平等的视角。

It is a day to highlight female talent to the community as a whole. Also it is an open platform to provide a safe haven for all to engage freely with one another, to express emotions that were traditionally denied to women or men in the public sphere, e.g. anger, self-loathing, vulnerability, or sadness. Whether you are a man, woman, single, married, have kids, young or old, Ladyfest has something for everyone.


Since 2013 March

Ladyfest Shanghai, a grassroots, nonprofit organization, was founded by a group of friends, after experiencing Ladyfest in their home countries.  Jen Childs, Asia Palmowska, Amber Mizerak, JessicaLum and Jessica Martinelli decided that this event just had to be hosted in ourgrand city – Shanghai. Since then the team grew and many amazing women joined in to drive shaping of this celebration: Zoe Seiter, Fei Xu, Lili, Wen, SarahMou, Francesca, Kelly and Kerry. All of them come from different countries and bring different skills and talents to the table.

“Ladyfest 上海”, 一个非营利的草根组织,是由一群在她们出生国体验过“Ladyfest”之后共同提议创建的。Jen Childs, Asia Palmowska, Amber Mizerak, JessicaLum 以及 Jessica Martinelli 决定要在上海也举办一个同样的活动。自此活动的策划团队日渐扩大,有很多出色的女性加入到其中,共同完成这个年度庆典的策划,包括:Zoe Seiter, Fei Xu, Lili, Wen, SarahMou, Francesca, Kelly and Kerry。她们都来自不同的国家,并给这次庆典展现了不同的元素、技能和天赋。

After three successful years, Ladyfest Shanghai returns in 2017 in a new location with an all-day event filled with new and engaging art installations, performances, workshops, speakers and vendors.


Interested contributors must fill out the following application:


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Time Sculpture interviews Ladyfest

press release


100 FEMALES | 100位女性




Ladyfest Shanghai is presenting you today the interview of Time Sculpture. This project includes capturing woman’s most relaxed status with photography lenses before/during/after shower, combined with special curriculum to help the participants to reach heartful free expression through body movement.



Interviewees: Creators of Time Sculpture


爱丽诗 AlexAndra

Female, Guangdong, 31

independent artist/photographer

visual concept/founder of waitAmin





Viola NoOne

Female, Shanghai, 29,

Life Improviser



1/ Background of who you are and why you choose this way of expressing yourself? | 你是谁?为什么选择这种方式来表达自己?

A: My name is Alexandra Deng, born in a traditional Guangdong family which have four children. By my family’s support, I start to study without my parents living together in Shanghai, which makes me think and feel independently somehow.

Growing pattern almost like everyone, college entrance examination and work as graphic designer, Art producer, art director and fashion photographer. At the same time dance is always my habit.

Visual is an illusion and Dance is an energy. The more I practice dancing and the more I know about dancing, I more and more understand why I love dancing so much. Specially when I improvise. In 2015, I quit my job, and focus on learning contemporary dance and Choreography from BryanArias (NDT), Jurij Konjar (Steve Paxton), Ermira Goro (DV8), Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich, Michele Rizzo, Florentian Holzinger… in 2017, I started to create and perform in the public.

Performing is a process to reborn. As I already know different formats of art, I multiply different possibilities of Art crossing over—photography, video, installation, art performance, material movement. for me performance is the live energy communication in my illusion world. It’s real and it’s strong and it’s my world. So how to make different art to support the performances becomes my way to think too. That is more free and more me.



视觉是心向的图像,而舞蹈是真实的能量。随着舞蹈的练习与感知,我越来越清楚我为什么如此热爱舞蹈。尤其是在我进行舞蹈即兴的时候。在2015年,我辞掉了自己的正职工作,潜心学习现代舞及其编创方法,师从Bryan Arias (NDT), Jurij Konjar (Steve Paxton), Ermira Goro (DV8),Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich, Michele Rizzo, Florentian Holzinger…从2017年, 我开始进行创作及公众表演。


V: My name is Viola, I grew up ina conservative Christian family with a lot of religious standards, and followed the path of Chinese social standards, studied hard, went to a nice university, found a stable job after graduation. While along this way, I have always been trying to search for what is good for me, and what I could be good at. By chance, I discovered pair dancing. At first it was just a pure fun hobby, while after I developed deeper through years, I gradually got amazed by the deep connection, bonding and unlimited sparking creativities inside it. I started to add my own emotions and interpretations into my movement, reset and unlearn, where dance miraculously becomes a pure beautiful conversation without words. A dimension that I don’t need to talk, just need to be, This actually opened a new world for me, with endless possibilities, and questioning social stereotypes and definition of my role. The boundary and separation of “how I should be”, “what is right or wrong”, “what is good or bad” started to become more and more blurry. I stopped to struggle between black and white, I started to search for what is true.


2/ It’s a daring project in the society status quo, how you gained the courage to bring to the surface? | 对于目前的社会现状这是个很大胆的课题,你们如何鼓起勇气想要去尝试和挑战?

A: As Asian culture, our motivation follows the group’s will, decisions are not driven by individual’s will , which leads adults to trust authorities rather than the voice from their feeling. Specially as a woman, in the most of the time, woman’s value is appendages. But now is somehow getting better, more and more woman are awaken starting to think “who am I”. Comparing a fierce feminist movement, I believe the key should be happiness and freedom to open the door of self awareness.

Being and feeling being is very important to everyone.

But in China, as I witnessed, now we are in a big sharp conflict between self awareness and society judgments. The way of how to encourage women to be self awareness in China should be just Art not fight. And Now is the best time to gather pioneer women to encourage more women release from the society definition mindset right?!




V: The time I realized this world, this universe might not just be a simple duality system as most of us identify. I started to question the validity of values. Society mainstream gave us such a complicated but dead standard of model role, “How a good woman shall behave”, “How beautiful woman shall looks like”, “What lifestyle a good woman shall have”. With various industries to promote together, and many of us are not aware that we are already trapped in that whirl. When modern psychology development combined with benefit drive, it comes back to that everlasting question, “Do we really have the free will?”. And that is what I’m searching for, FREEDOM. The freedom of being ourselves truly with no brainwashing. That is a big ultimate topic, while in many places around the world there are already people started to tap into it in various forms, such as avant-garde art, or spiritual community. This evolvement of awareness gives me courage, to challenge, to reset, to free ourselves, and it has to start from ourselves. How to define beauty? Once I heard an insightful answer from a Butoh master: The next beauty is not beauty yet.

当我开始意识到这个世界的可能性不仅仅是我们大多数人所认同的简单的二元系统。我开始质疑价值观的真伪。主流社会给了我们一个复杂却死气沉沉的模范角色标准:“一个好女人应该如何表现”、“一个好女人应该如何美丽”、“一个好女人应该拥有怎样的生活方式”。然而许多人都不知道,这样的灌输已经让我们陷入了漩涡。当现代心理学发展与利益为导向的社会价值观相结合时,我们又回到了一个永恒的问题:“我们真的有自由意志吗?“ 这就是我想要探讨和挑战的话题,自由。真正没有被洗脑的自由。这是一个非常大的终极主题,而在世界上的许多地方,已经有人开始以各种形式来表现这样的思潮,如先锋艺术,或灵性社群。这种意识的进化给了我勇气,去挑战,去重置,去解放我们自己,而行动必须从我们自己开始。“如何定义美?” 有一次,我听到一位舞踏大师的回答深入我心:“如何定义?下一个美丽还不是美呢”。

3/ What’s your observation of female value in this society and how you wish it to be? | 你对当今社会女性价值观是如何看的?你希望的价值观又是怎样的?

A: Woman in this society live in a mindset. Mindset by brainwash, Brainwash by repeating the same lies.

I think my top wish is everyone is free and equality. But that is another mindset trick. I would prefer encourage everyone to dare to discover and find yourself first. The first step is how you feel.



V: I feel this age we are on a tipping point, on one side there are bombarding propagandas telling us what we should be or should do, on the other side there are small amount of people started to question those, and searching for the ultimate freedom. This is a time of awareness revolution in human history, even higher than gender difference, but on a macroview of all humans, how to be free, how to open our programmed vision to see the world as it is, not we are told to be or to do. This is how I wish it to be.


4/ How has this project empowered female and what’s your own direct gain from it? | 这个项目会怎样带动女性解放?谈谈你的亲身经历

A: I don’t think empower is a right word to describe the project. We are not superficially to teach any skill or claim Feminism.This is Philosophical proposition, who I am. and as woman and specially now, we focus on encourage woman to think and find out who I am. That is a frame of freedom too.

Expressions are the highest climax. We will use two main aesthetics format to express. Photography and Dance. So in result, it will be a photo exhibition and dance performance. Cheer the beauty and the wisdom of the human creatures, Woman!



V: When I met with AlexAndra for the first time, we resonated with each other immediately. Freedom doesn’t come from talk, it comes from doing. That’s actually the driving spirit of Life Improviser platform too. To put the spirit of FREEDOM down-to-earth, practicing it with our own life, to make it full, to start our own pathless path through direct experience. I’m also on the path of challenging. Several weeks ago, I started to perform with the concept of simplicity, simply wearing a shorts and a top, with no bra, in front of everyone, I feel unexperienced freedom through it. Dance/movement is a full-body showing of vulnerability, receiving judgement from all angels, while still being myself in my center. How? Because I don’t care, I’m only in charge in being me. That is the freedom I’m searching for. This project combines portrait art & movement, resonate with the same spirit of challenging ourselves to reach that ultimate domain of FREEDOM.


To know more about Time Sculpture

please click “read more”



  • About waitAmin | 关于 waitAmin

waitAmin 维她明治是一个艺术与时尚为主,中西结合,跨界交融的犯错实验平台。组织犯错事件。提供犯错实验一切相关的美学交流平台及练习场。我们鼓励从犯错中积累总结梳理推进学习,再坚持创作。不怕犯错,因为只有通过“做”,遇见真正的创新及真知。

WaitAmin, Chinese name 维她明治 which is a mistakes experiment platform combing art and fashion, east and west.

waitAmin love to do crossover and organize mistaken events, fashion shows, art performances.

waitAmin are looking forward to all aesthetics communications or collaborations.

waitAmin encourage accumulating summaries from mistakes to promote learning and then persist in creation.

waitAmin believe in fresh creation and real concept will jump out after all failings passing away.

  • About Life Improviser | 关于《即兴人生》


Life Improviser is a platform to provide all urban lives of creative lifestyle. Exploring is its forever spirit, while also encouraging everyone to create or to share life experiences by themselves. Life is not only about work-shopping-home; life can be so fully lived with endless curiosity, each blink to see the world with new eyes. It’s also a bridge and lab, to connect resonation, no matter pro or non-pro; and experience the unexperienced. It’s a dynamic transformation platform for all sharers.


Ladyfest Shanghai – a riot grrrl feminist do-it-yourself festival – has been organized in Shanghai since the year 2014. We are a grassroots organization with the mission to create a safe space where individual voices come together beyond gender, shape, size, colour, cultural background, religious beliefs, or political stance. Our annual event is a collaboration of various contributors to foster mutual inspiration through music, arts, workshops, performances, exhibitions, and all that jazz.

“Ladyfest 上海”, 一个以咆哮女孩为原型的女权DIY组织,创建于2014年。我们是一个草根组织,希望通过活动创作一个跨越性别、身体形状大小、肤色、文化背景、宗教信仰和政治立场的安全空间,让个体不同的声音能自由表达、汇聚一堂。这个年度活动是由各类助力者共同完成的,旨在通过音乐、艺术、工作坊、表演、展览等等,促发彼此灵感和表达。

to support, celebrate and empower

freedom of expression beyond

culture, race, gender or identities